Birch Bay

Birch Bay Watershed & Aquatic Resources Management District (BBWARM)
  • BBWARM was created in 2007 in response to community concerns about water quality, flooding, and loss of aquatic habitat in the Birch Bay Watershed.
  • BBWARM’s stormwater program works to protect water quality and reduce stormwater impacts.
  • BBWARM has a Citizen Advisory Committee.
  • Whatcom County Public Works provides staff support for the BBWARM stormwater program. 
Please visit the BBWARM website for information on BBWARM programs, projects, and upcoming meetings and events.

The Watershed Watchers Training event is being postponed!!

If still interested, please sign up on the BBWARM website and we will notify you with the new date/time. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Birch Bay Watershed Watchers - Volunteer Training Event

Does your neighborhood have drainage, flooding or erosion issues? Have you noticed poor water quality in Terrell Creek, Birch Bay or your local streams and waterways? Take the first step toward solving these issues by monitoring and reporting conditions in your area as a member of the Watershed Watchers Team.

Watershed Watcher volunteers will be trained to monitor conditions on local roadways, ditches, creeks, outfalls, beaches and bluffs and report problems associated with poor drainage, inadequate infrastructure, maintenance needs, pollution, illegal dumping, and/or indicators of bluff failure. Proactive monitoring before and after large precipitation events will help us identify:

  1. Maintenance needs (i.e. cleaning out ditches/catch basins)
  2. Chronic flooding, erosion issues and potential bluff failures
  3. Water quality or pollution problems

Year-round residents of Birch Bay who live in areas with frequent drainage issues are strongly encouraged to participate. Reporting is easy! Take a photo, make some notes and submit via mail, email or our mobile app. The information collected will help improve infrastructure and best management practices that keep our water clean and roadways safe! No prior monitoring experience necessary.

Please contact us at  or contact Holly Faulstich at (360) 778-6290,