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Whatcom Integration Team

The Integration Team was an adhoc committee established for the purpose of advancing the WRIA 1 Policy Boards’ interest to achieve greater coordination and alignment among various local ecosystem protection and restoration efforts.

Initiation of an integration team as an "ad hoc workgroup" under the WRIA 1 Policy Boards’ integrated structure supported the Policy Boards’ function as the Whatcom Local Integrating Organization (LIO) in the Puget Sound Partnership.  The Integration Team did not replace existing committees or teams working on WRIA 1 natural resource management topics.

The Integration Team sunset date was June 30, 2013. Current information is found on the Whatcom Local Integrating Organization page.


  • Update the Whatcom profile in the 2012 Puget Sound Action Agenda.
  • Recommend a sequence and/or relative priorities for local strategies and actions that require input from local integrating organizations (i.e., federal and state grants).
  • Recommend a ranking process for grant applications requiring input from a local integrating organization.
  • Prepare a recommendation for the long-term integration of local programs and priorities into the WRIA 1 Integrated Program structure.



Who is it?

The following groups were considered for participation on the Integration Team, and individuals that are or have been associated with these groups were invited to participate.  The individuals associated with the different groups that responded and participated on the Integration Team are underlined.  All individuals that participated are local community members.

Lummi Natural Resources

Nooksack Natural Resources

Washington State Fish and Wildlife

Whatcom County

City of Lynden/Small Cities

City of Bellingham

Public Utility District #1

Department of Ecology- Bellingham

WSU Cooperative Extension

Marine Resources Committee

RE Sources

Building Industry

Whatcom Conservation District

CCA WA-North Sound (Sport Fishing)

Whatcom Land Trust

Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association

Shellfish Protection Districts

Port of Bellingham

Farm Friends

Birch Bay Water and Sewer District

Water Associations


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