Planning Unit Caucus Contacts

Planning Unit Water Resources Caucuses

Agriculture Caucus

Henry Bierlink

Alternate: Fred Likkel

Alternate: Landon VanDyk

Environmental Caucus

Karlee Deatherage

Alternate: Ander Russell

Alternate: Robin Dexter

Fishers Caucus

Shannon Moore

Alternate: Alan Chapman

Alternate: Pete Granger

Forestry Caucus

Not Currently Active

Land Development Caucus

Perry Eskridge

Alternate: Dave Onkels

Non-Government Water Systems Caucus

Not Currently Active

Private Well Owners Caucus

Paul Isaacson

Alternate: Molly Crocker

Alternate: Kathy Sabel

Planning Unit Government Agency Caucuses

City of Bellingham

Not Currently Active

Diking/Drainage Caucus

Fred Likkel

Alternate: Loren VanderYacht

Port of Bellingham

Kurt Baumgarten

Alternate: Brian Gouran

Public Utility District No. 1

Steve Jilk

Alternate: Rebecca Schlotterback

Federal Caucus

Not Currently Active

Small Cities Caucus

Mark Sandal

Alternate: Mike Martin

State Caucus

Water Districts Caucus

Dan Eisses

Alternate: Richard Banel

Alternate: Ellen Baker

Whatcom County

Gary Stoyka

Alternate: Chris Elder