Data Integration Reports

The 2013 Data Integration of WRIA 1 Hydraulic, Fish Habitat, and Hydrology Models is intended to increase the usability of existing data and to help achieve the overall goals of the Water Resources Inventory Area No. 1 (WRIA 1) Watershed Management project. No new modeling was performed as part of this technical project.

  • WRIA 1 Data Integration of Hydraulic, Fish Habitat, and Hydrology Models

The goal of integrating hydraulic, hydrology, and fish habitat models is to describe the relationship between weighted usable area and streamflow for species and life stage utilization throughout the year. Outcomes from this technical work include an integrated database of hydraulic, fish habitat, and hydrology model results as well as "At-A-Glance" snapshots that display a range of complex and interrelated data in an accessible format.