2010 State of the Watershed Report

2010 State of the Watershed Report

The 2010 State of the Watershed Report is an easy-to-read summary of progress toward the goal of ensuring long-term protection and enhancement of our communities' water resources.

This first State of the Watershed Report provides information on some of the programs and actions in place to protect, maintain, and restore water quality, water availability, and fish habitat. While it may not reveal everything we might want to know about how well our programs and actions are achieving their goals, it does give insight into what data are being collected and what additional information may be needed to better measure effectiveness.  The information and analysis presented in this report refer to data collected between 2005 and 2010.  The report contains sections on Watershed Management Milestones, a WRIA 1 Characterization, Watershed Portraits, and Technical Appendices. 

The Watershed Management Milestones section (pg 11) is a chronology of milestones relevant to managing natural resources and implementing solutions identified through various inter-related planning processes.

The WRIA 1 Characterization (pg 13) is a WRIA-wide summary of social, economic, and environmental conditions. 

The Watershed Portraits present water quality, water quantity, and fish habitat information at an aggregated watershed level, which is a group of individual watersheds in close proximity to each other.  The aggregated watersheds are: