Whatcom LIO Near Term Action Planning

One purpose of an LIO is to coordinate local implementation and updates to the Puget Sound Action Agenda. Near Term Actions (NTAs), which are priority actions with measurable outcomes, proposed for the Puget Sound Action Agenda in the Puget Sound Whatcom Action Area.

NTAs are categorized in the Puget Sound Action Agenda to address Puget Sound Strategic Initiatives: Habitat, Shellfish, and Stormwater. Submitting an action for inclusion in the Action Agenda is not the same as a grant application; there is no funding associated with the submission of an NTA. NTAs that are included as actions in the Puget Sound Action Agenda may, however, be considered for federal funding through the National Estuary Program.

Information on 2018 NTAs is found on the Puget Sound Info Action Agenda Tracker page: https://actionagenda.pugetsoundinfo.wa.gov/