Whatcom Local Integrating Organization

The Whatcom Local Integrating Organization (LIO) is one of ten LIOs recognized by the Puget Sound Partnership.  The over-arching goal of LIOs is to protect and restore the Puget Sound ecosystem. The Whatcom LIO covers the Whatcom Action Area and is in the north Puget Sound region, and is responsible for integrating and coordinating local activities related to the Puget Sound Action Agenda.

The Whatcom LIO is a function of the WRIA 1 Watershed Management Board.  The function was accepted in 2010 upon request by the Puget Sound Partnership and was officially recognized by the Puget Sound Partnership's Leadership Council in November 2010.

Topics relevant to the Whatcom LIO are discussed at WRIA 1 Management Team and WRIA 1 Watershed Management Board meetings.  All meetings are open to the public and include opportunities for public comment.