2014-2015 Whatcom Assistance Program

The Whatcom Assistance Program was a pilot project to assist local entities implement small-scale projects that advanced or implemented local priorities in the Whatcom update to the 2014/2015 Action Agenda for Puget Sound. The pilot project had two areas of emphasis: 1) advance an element of an eligible local near-term action and 2) support or advance one of the other local priorities identified in the Whatcom Profile of the 2014/2015 Action Agenda. Funding for the pilot project was through the Whatcom LIO coordination grant administered by the Puget Sound Partnership with funds from the EPA for advancing the Puget Sound Action Agenda.

Seven applications were funded through the pilot Whatcom Assistance Program including three projects that advanced elements of near term actions. Final reports for organizations funded are listed below.

  1. Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association project to develop a marine and nearshore component of restoration, outreach and program. Final Report
  2. WSU Cooperative Extension research symposium focusing on efforts in Bellingham Bay, and identifying research gaps. Final Report
  3. Drayton Harbor Shellfish District project to replace and add "No Waste Discharge" signs in Drayton Harbor and develop complementary handout for marinas. Final Report
  4. Sustainable Connections project to conduct low impact development tours in downtown Bellingham and around Lake Whatcom. Final Report
  5. City of Ferndale project to advance mapping and surveying associated with City of Ferndale Stormwater Program near term action. Final Report
  6. Marine Resources Committee project to advance education component of North Chuckanut Pollution Identification Program near term action. Final Report
  7. Surfriders project to advance education component of Whirlwind Beach (Locust Beach), which is an element of the City of Bellingham's Waterfront and Estuary Habitat Connectivity Projects near-term action. Final Report